Tips For Choosing Truck Transfer Tanks

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If you have been given the task of shopping for truck transfer tanks, there are several factors to consider:

• What type of design is best for the tank?

• How large of a tank is needed?

• Should the tank be aluminum or steel?

• What will primarily be transported in the tank?

The design part refers to the type of tank. Do you want a vertical style or L-shape? Will you need to leave room to install a toolbox on the truck, in addition to the truck transfer tank?

How large of a tank will you require? Do you need something of a larger capacity like 90 to 100 gallons or a smaller tank with a capacity of under 40 gallons? This will depend on why you need the auxiliary fuel. Do you do a lot of traveling, and want spare fuel for your truck or do you need the fuel to run machinery at job sites?

Tanks made of aluminum or steel both have their attributes. Aluminum truck transfer tanks tend to cost a bit more, but they stay cleaner inside the tank. Steel tanks are a bit cheaper, but you need to make sure they are kept full of fuel because the inside of the tank needs to stay lubricated. Otherwise, you run the risk of contaminants in your fuel.

Lastly, will you be transporting diesel or gasoline? You want to choose the right transfer tank for the fuel you will be hauling.

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